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What it is

Cloud based solutions have in fact been around for quite some time. They refer to on-demand services that are available online. Their very nature means that they are easy to access, require no infrastructure or hardware, and are therefore very cost-effective.

If you’ve made a purchase online, done your banking over the internet, or taken a remote course, then you will have experienced cloud computing. Consider email, for instance. Instead of being run internally, they sit in a shared, online data centre. You simply therefore ‘plug in’, easily and rapidly, rather than deal with the cumbersome and costly alternatives.


Cloud computing really is the most sustainable and affordable way to run your business. Enabling you scale for today and tomorrow, it delivers an unmatched combination of benefits, including:

  • Growth – improves efficiencies and productivity. By linking teams effortlessly and globally and reducing time to market.
  • Security – unparalleled IT knowledge and capability, combined with the latest cutting-edge security systems and apps.
  • Adaptability – systems that work around the business and its needs.
  • No friction – cutting edge systems deployed by our highly skillful and experienced technicians eliminates down-time and disruption.
  • Customisation – no matter what your business size or goals, there’s a place that’s perfect for you in the cloud, allowing you to grow and evolve.
  • Reliability – nimble, agile and premium quality. Always.
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Why Nostra?

The very foundations of our business are established on cloud computing; this is something we practice as much as we preach for ourselves, and our clients.

For over a decade we have built unrivalled knowledge across all aspects of cloud computing. From preparation and planning, to development, deployment and ongoing management, our experience is comprehensive, and we always deliver exceptional results. 

Our clients have experienced first-hand the proven return on investment we can deliver. Whether you need cloud based solutions, or high-level strategic IT advice, we’re here for you.

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