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Security - Ensuring Business Continuity & Protection

What is it?

Online security breaches are one of the single most significant threats to business continuity and protection.  Safeguarding companies and organisations from cyber attacks and General Data Protection Regulation violations is of utmost importance. Today’s online world is rife with industrial espionage, breach attempts and attacks online.

Unfortunately, there is no single silver bullet approach that will provide adequate defence. Instead, networks must be protected by a layered approach to cyber security.  We have developed a 360-degree approach that ensures our clients the best and most comprehensive protection possible. 

How your business will benefit?

Our multi-tiered strategy incorporates a combination of products, services and procedures so as to maintain absolute security. These include:

  • Proactive risk identification – we identify, assess and weight all the potential risks facing your business
  • Risk management – we outline a way to eliminate or mitigate each risk
  • Protection CIA – confidentiality, integrity and availability. Can we better explain this?
  • Avoiding, preventing, detecting and recovering from incidents. Can we better explain this? Is it an issues management policy?
  • Not just IT – we outline how to better secure people, process and technology
  • Firewall & Network Gateways
  • Endpoint Monitoring and Management
  • Identity Management
  • Information Protection
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Asset Management
  • SIEM and SOC Services
  • Network monitoring
  • Penetration Testing
  • IT Governance and Compliance


Businesses can also avail of our End User Training.  Employees might think they’re aware of and impervious to phishing scams. Nonetheless, this tactic remains a cybercrime favourite for one very good reason; its success rate. Our training programme embeds and ingrains in team members the appropriate security threat prevention, awareness and response knowledge and tactics.  

Why Nostra?

The very nature of our work means that security must be at the forefront of all we do. We are meticulous and thorough in forensically working across your network to detect all possible threats and weaknesses.

Our technicians are accredited by the largest networking and security vendors  including N-Able, Barracuda, Palo Alto, SonicWALL, Cisco and GFI.

We also want to empower you and your team by sharing our knowledge and recommendations so that you can implement and enact best practice responses. Together, we can work to provide your business with the very best protection possible.

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