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SharePoint - the Next Generation of On-Premise Software

What it does?

Think of SharePoint as your virtual go-to information and resources hub for the office. Or, as Microsoft puts it, “your mobile, intelligent intranet”.

SharePoint allows you to create websites and use them as a secure place for storing, organising, sharing and accessing information from any device, anywhere in the world. Importantly, it also integrates fully with Microsoft365 and Microsoft365 Premium, and is compatible with Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

How your business will benefit?

SharePoint means your teams can collaborate online, work remotely or simply work more efficiently. It empowers them to work together, find information fast and share it effortlessly across the business.

  • Securely store information whilst making it easy to access
  • Everything is at your fingertips – search quickly to find what you need
  • Share documents, presentations and news on an internal platform for all team members to access
  • Keep everyone in the loop, in real time

Why Nostra?

Although we have been delivering SharePoint solutions since 2010, in 2017 we went one step further and opened a dedicated SharePoint division of the business.  As a result, our committed team of SharePoint specialists will save you time and money. Our technical experts can handle any level of build, from the most simple and straightforward to the highly complex.  Their unparalleled experience ensures fast development and deployment that is correct right from the word go, and with no downtime to business operations. The result is a superb tool that figuratively removes your office walls, allowing your business to truly accelerate. 

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